Feast: A Modern-Day Symposium of Daemonic Proportions

Feast is an immersive, site-specific play that balances heady ideas with primal sensuality, exploring the issues of appetite, food, and eating.

Choreographer/ dancer Jennifer Dallas presenting hors d’oeuvres to actors Alex McCooeye and Farah Merani.

Feast is set at a cocktail party in the opulent home of ‘the new professor.’ The guest list includes various academics and their lovers; overseeing it all is the masterful, mysterious Leo—a photographer, friend and ‘co-conspirator’ of the new professor who, strangely, hasn’t arrived at his own celebration…. The conversation among the seven characters is witty and smart; it zings with sexual innuendo even as it creeps toward the macabre. Humour isn’t sacrificed—but sacrifice certainly will occur. How could it not, in a play about the essence of eating?

Meet your fellow guests now, before the Feast; they’ve shared their favourite articles, artworks and activist organizations for you to peruse at your pleasure.